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Policy support

Different users may need different settings. With policy support enabled you can create different policies matching the needs of different user groups.

The default policy ('0') is just the configuration you have in clapf.conf. If you modify clapf.conf it means that you modify the default policy that applies to every user.

However, by creating different policies, you can override the default settings even as a per user basis. Let's say you want to mark and deliver spam messages to all your users, but a few users want to keep their spam to the spam quarantine. All you have to do is set clapf.conf for marking spam, then create a new policy group and set the variable named spam_oblivion_limit, then assign the new policy group those few users.

Note that you don't have to set all of the supported attributes of the policy. The configuration settings of any user comprises the default policy overidden by their own policy settings. So if you don't set a certain parameter in the user's policy it remains as it is in the default policy settings.

The policy settings are stored in MySQL database.

Please note that if you want policy support, you should use LMTP delivery, otherwise the default policy settings (ie. in clapf.conf) takes place.